Thursday, July 16, 2020

Once a home now a boutique

 "Prom Girls Boutique"

Our One Day Only boutique.

We gave up our tiny quiet livingroom to host a girly, fluffy, glitzy prom shop...

The other day hubby and I were having coffee with our son and daughter-in-law.  She mentioned that she just listed her old prom dresses on Craigslist.  "Hmmm.." I thought,  "We still have dresses from our other daughters, in huge puffy dress bags, shoved in a spare closet".

That's when it happened...

I quickly sent a text to my other daughters.  As fate would have it, in two weeks our livingroom was going to be converted into a prom dress shop. And our coat closet, our hallway, our bathroom, our spareroom and our kitchen!!

First I created a Facebook event calling for nice clean dresses and accessories. Inviting friends of our daughters, and friends of their friends. While waiting for responses, I started clearing out furniture, wall hangings, bookshelves, closets and anything else that wasn't going to fit with our new "Prom Girl Decor".

 The timing was perfect. It was spring break for college and girls were even bringing them in from out of state. Local moms were wanting in on the action by bringing over their daughters dresses.

 I then asked a few makeup and jewelry dealers to have items available.

We swiftly changed the event from a dress collection event to a one day only Prom Girls Boutique.

Every participant was asked to spread the news. Facebook links and comments were very active. As soon as items were arriving, I was posting photographs on the event page. 

I created a simple flier that could be printed right off the site for others to help promote.

 My daughter-in-law contacted local high schools and requested that the event be publicized in their daily announcements. They were very cooperative.  We also ran an ad in our hometown newspaper.

For refreshment we served a clear fruit punch with fruit, cake balls and a popcorn mix gathered inside tule and tied with ribbon.

 Door prizes were jewelry items and a gift certificate towards senior pictures from a local photographer.

The evening before the event, my son and his wife stayed over to help finalize the displays, prepare
refreshments, and to just have a bit of fun. 

On the day of the event we locked doors to rooms that were not dressing rooms. We then tuned the household radios to the local pop radio station.  

My daughter-in-law greeted each lady at 
the door and encouraged them to enter the door prize drawing.

I volunteered to be the negotiating agent and cashier, working with buyers and sellers over the phone.  Thank you smartphone and square!

  Our men found something else to do and disappeared for the afternoon.

We ended up having over 80 dresses. About 35 door prize entries. (Since this was a Prom Girls event, only prom girl attendees were invited to enter the drawing) 

Everyone had a good time.  Comments were made 
on how nice our shop was in our home lending a more hospitable feel. Not bad for Small Town Nebraska. 

Oh, I should mention that snow fell just shy of a blizzard that day. And I have been blessed with the best hubby ever to willingly give up his living room for a girly, glitzy Prom Girls Boutique.

intimate feel.