Monday, September 13, 2010

Dream kitchen

Recently I was asked what my dream kitchen might have.
For me an ergonomic sink is a must!

Very similar to this Ferrari luxury kitchen sink center from KicheConcept.

I love the idea of stepping into the sink area instead of leaning completely over. A foot rest bar would be nice. I'd probably even go for a paisley or kidney shaped basin.

Color would be a must for me. I wouldn't have this solid red, too modern for me. 

And unless I want to spend the bulk of my kitchen time with cleaners, I say forget all the trendy whites.  Besides, I live in the Midwest and when it's cold and white outside, bringing it inside is the last thing we want to do.

 (But, if you like this, thank

When my kids were younger they watched a show called Gulla Gulla Island.  I remember the set had a colorful kitchen.  I am leaning a wee bit in that direction, but on a more grown-up than pre-school level.

I just LOVE the yellow and blue  contrast!!    I'm talking color here.  Thank you

Actually, this blue/purple is the same color I purchased to paint the exterior of my home...with a yellow accents.

Now back to reality. I don't get new cupboards, I'm stuck with the ones I have.

I'm tempted to use my outdoor paint in the kitchen for my cupboards. I'll check with my local hardware store for safety issues.
The sink and work center is awesome, but I think unrealistic for many middle class homes.

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