Thursday, November 11, 2010


Do you ever feel like your chasing your tail working in circles?  Lately this has been me. 

I've been trying to create enough inventory for my first Holiday Extravaganza Show in years.  I realize some of you already have this down to an art.  But shows are relatively new for me and we'll have two more within the next 30 days.   I'm not complaining, but this is also a great time of year for Ebay listings.  Although it is quite possible that I am in denial that I'm over my head, I still want to make this all work.  Even though I feel like I'm running in circles! 

                                           But I have a remedy, BUILD A DOME HOME!
                                                    (this one is a Geodesic Dome home)

Why a dome home? I'm thinking it would add some (ahem) structure to my life, forcing me to follow a routine.  You're probably like, "what-ever girlfriend", but hear me out. 

It could be a great work environment.  Set up work stations around the inside perimeter of the building.  Just walk through the door and visit the stations the order of which they present themselves.

1st stop,  Station 1 -  Check your email and print all shipping documents.
2nd stop, Station 2 -  Packaging.  Then leave packages by the door @ the last station.
Station 3,4,5 etc     - designing, photography, research, etc.
Final Station - Pick up the packages you initially placed by the door and your day is done!

Since each work station is designated for each unique job, you're good to go when you hire help! Booyah!

But, no work environment is complete without a kitchen.  This wonderful unit would go right in the center of the dome.  I'd like an "S" shaped wall with this kitchen unit on one side and a small restroom on the other.

Should one not prefer the Geodesic design because of its angles, there is also the Monolithic design.
Both designs are known for economical heating/cooling.  Monolithic structures have no fire hazard or negative feng-shui angles. I still prefer the Geodesic design. Maybe because the Monolithic makes me hungry for dim sum.                                 
                                                          Chinese steamed pork buns.

And now, to give credit where credit is due.

 Geodesic dome homes by Timberline.
The Monolighic dome scoop  and full story.
Circle Kitchen by Compact Concepts.

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  1. Roxanne...
    This is brilliant. Let's all move somewhere and build dome homes!!! I especially love the kitchen.